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Sea Glass



 Sea Glass

What is Sea Glass? Sea Glass is glass that has been tossed/tumbled in the sand and sea an forming precious gems, changing the glass texture to smooth or grade finish.  Some colors are rarer than others. 

Per the encyclopedia Sea Glass is determined by its original source. Most sea glass comes from bottles, jars, plates, windows, windshields, and beach ceramics other known as sea pottery.

The most common colors of sea glass are kelly green, brown, and clear. These colors come from bottles used by companies that sell beer, juices, and soft drinks. The clear or white glass comes from clear plates and glasses, windshields, windows, and assorted other sources.

Less common colors are jade, amber (from bottles for whiskey, medicine, spirits, and early bleach bottles), golden amber used for spirit bottles, lime green (soda bottles during 1960s), forest green, and ice or soft blue (from soda bottles, medicine bottles, ink bottles, and fruit jars from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, windows, and windshields). These colors are found about once for every 25 to 100 pieces of sea glass found.

Uncommon colors of sea glass include green, which comes primarily from early to mid-1900s Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, RC Cola bottles, and beer bottles. Soft green colors could come from bottles that were used for ink, fruit, and baking soda. These colors are found once in every 50 to 100 pieces.

Purple sea glass is very uncommon, as is citron, opaque white (from milk glass), cobalt and cornflower blue (from early Milk of Magnesia bottles, poison bottles, artwork, seltzer and Vicks Vapor-Rub containers), and aqua (from Ball Mason jars and 19th century glass bottles). These colors are found once for every 200 to 1,000 pieces found.

The Rarest colors include gray, pink (often from Great Depression era plates), teal (often from Mateus wine bottles), black or older, very dark olive green glass), yellow (often from 1930s Vaseline containers), turquoise (from tableware and art glass), red (often from car tail lights, dinnerware or from nautical lights, it is found once in about every 5,000 pieces), and orange (the least common type of sea glass, found once in about 10,000 pieces). These colors are found once for every 1,000 to 10,000 pieces collected. Some shards of black glass are quite old, originating from thick eighteenth-century gin, beer and wine bottles.

♥ I started looking collecting sea glass on various beach trips and it is very difficult to find.  I went to Key West in September 2010 and asked the Owner of Beach Chair Company if he ever collected or found Sea Glass.  Juan (owner) took my hand and walked along Southernmost Beach and I found sea glass. My new treasures are for making jewelry for my customers.  I also picked up some pieces from a shell store in Historic Key West♥ 

♥ I did find some rare purples, reds, blue yellow and orange colors which surprised me because of the rarity.  I have siblings and relatives all over country collecting pieces now for my jewelry making.  Each piece I will give you a location where the piece was found along with what coast. The lovely gems bring beauty, history, recycling, and aventure to my jewelry making experience♥

♥October 21st 2010 I will be posting my sea glass jewelry for purchase.

Thank you ☺


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